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제목 Seongnam Mayor promotes the city's outstanding medical industry in SMC 2020
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2020 Seongnam International Medical Tourism Convention SMC) event will be held online from Nov. 9 to 12. AVING News met Seongnam Mayor Eun Su-mi on Oct 15 to conduct an interview on the medical tourism industry.Q. What is the background of the growth of the medical tourism industry in Seongnam-si?A. Since 2013, our city enacted theordinance to vitalize medical tourism and started the business in fullforce. Our city has 1,650 medical centers including university hospitals,general hospitals, and specialist clinics, and 14,500 medical personnel with excellentmedical technology. As the city began the medical tourism business, it hasgrown steadily, and now, it is reaping the fruit produced by constant effortsin opening overseas PR centers (Taiwan, Vietnam, Mongolia, etc.), expandingforeign patient support policies, and holding the first convention of a basiclocal government. This year, we were not able to carry out direct localmarketing activities due to COVID-19, we plan to continue strengthening ourcapabilities and support to vitalize the medical tourism industry inSeongnam-si.Q. Please tell us about any plans to vitalize the medical tourism industry in Seongnam-si.A. Our city is actively promoting a high-quality medical tourism model focusing on severe diseases through cooperation with medical institutions and companies to attract in our district, and we are promoting new markets to expand overseas network. In 2020, it was selected as the "regional specialized medical technology and regional attraction-based capacity building project" by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. We are carrying out promotion and marketing, specialized medical technology development, and competency enhancement projects for practitioners to vitalize the medical tourism industry. Through the medical tourism industry, we are going to strengthen cooperation in related industries such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. In Seongnam, there are many companies such as medical device manufacturers and AI in the high-tech valley and Pangyo Technovalley, as well as the nation's top-level hospital and clinic infrastructure.Q. What makes Seongnam International Medical Tourism Convention different this year from last year?A. Currently, international events are being canceled or changed due to COVID-19. 2020 Seongnam International Medical Tourism Convention was also scheduled to be held for the first time offline, but due to the worldwide spread of COVID-19, it has been switched to a non-face-to-face online event. The offline exhibition space was used as an online promotion hall, and in-person business meetings were conducted non-face-to-face by introducing the online video conferencing system. An international conference specializing in medical tourism and healthcare for related industry practitioners was also held through the website and YouTube. The existing citizen experience event will be held to promote contents for citizens with health lectures and live lectures invited by communication experts.Q. What are your plans to promote Seongnam-si through this convention?A. Seongnam-si has 1,600 medical centersincluding university hospitals, general hospitals, and specialist clinics, and14,500 medical personnel, boasting the medical infrastructure comparable toanywhere in the country. Seongnam is also the city that has healthcarecompanies in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and quarantine,and Pangyo Technovalley known as Korea's Silicon Valley, the cutting-edgeinnovation cluster centered on 1,200 IT, BT, CT, NT and convergencetechnologies. Through this convention, we are planning to promote Seongnam'sexcellent medical industry as well as its history, culture, and high-techindustries around the world.Q. Please tell us what you would like to say to domestic and foreign companies and general citizens participating in this convention.A. Through this convention, we ask foractive cooperation from industry officials so that Seongnam-si's medicaltourism industry can be widely promoted abroad and take a leap forward. I hopemany people log on and get diverse information that are helpful for the health.Finally, I hope that the COVID pandemic ends as soon as possible so that we canreturn to peaceful daily lives again, and I and 3,000 public officials will doour best to protect the safety of the related industries and citizens.2020 Seongnam International Medical Tourism Convention (SMC) event will be held online from November 9 to 12. This event was first held by the national local government agencies in 2018 to globalize the medical tourism and healthcare industry in Seongnam-si. This year, considering the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event will be held in the official website of the Seongnam International Medical Tourism Convention ( and YouTube, instead of meeting with officials in the medical, tourism, bio, healthcare industry, overseas buyers, and visitors in person.→ Go to 2020 Seongnam International Medical Tourism Convention news special page All Visual Internet News of Goods 이승연 수원중고차 무해지환급형보험 내구제 대구출장마사지 올스타게임 폰테크 비트롤 부산출장마사지 잠실눈썹문신 김해출장마사지기자 (aving.

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